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Motivation is a bit like a toddler in a grocery store.

Sometimes it comes running full-speed at you, filled with energy and enthusiasm over something new…

And other times it seems to have wandered off and disappeared down the next isle with no warning.

It can feel exhausting trying to parent our attention and motivation every day, but much like with a toddler, patience, consistency, and the occasional well-deserved break are they key to changing behavior.

If we want consistent results, we need to provide consistent guidance. 

So with that, we want to know: What tactics or tools are you using to help foster consistent motivation in your life? Reply to this email and share your insights!

Now, let’s dive in. 

A Framework for Achieving High-Impact Scale

One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs like us go into business is to have an influence on the world. We want to help others. We want to change systems to be better. We want to leave a lasting impact.

Over the years Roland, Richard, and Ryan have been able to do just that, and in this week’s Scalable library blog post, you’ll learn about their framework that helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses, and scale their impact!

It’s called The Scalable Impact Framework, and it’s focused on developing 3 essential areas: Sales, Profits, and Value. 

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Overcome Imposter Syndrome

There’s a haunting happening inside the minds of 84% of all entrepreneurs, today. It’s called imposter syndrome.

Invading almost every entrepreneur and leader out there, this ghost makes us doubt our talents and accomplishments, and live in a constant state of fear of being exposed as a big ol’ faker. 

But the monster doesn’t have to paralyze us!

In fact, with a little shift in thinking, we can learn to accept and rule over our imposter syndrome—freeing us up to take risks and aim high.

Now is the time to put imposter syndrome in its place.

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1 Dime to Help You Push Past Writer’s Block

Writing seems to be the new business currency for leaders. If you need proof, look no further than the title-wave of entrepreneurs sharing their thoughts and ideas on Twitter, Substack Newsletters, Podcasts, and more.

But what about all of us who… (dare we say it) … suck at writing?

Well, for those of us with so much to say, but seemingly no way to articulate it on paper (or a google doc,) there’s David Perell, and his shiny dime.

You can learn his simple tactic for overcoming writer’s block in this short video.

The key: narrow your scope.

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Jeff Walker Explains His Launch Formula in 20 Minutes 

“No matter what you’re selling, you’re selling the opportunity of someone’s life to be better. You’re either giving them pleasure, or you’re taking away pain. No matter what you’re doing—no matter if you’re selling private jets or pizza—you’re giving someone pleasure or taking away pain.”

The product launch has been around for a while now.

But sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day grind that we forget the incredibly impactful marketing method used by Apple, Hollywood, and pretty much every big-wig brand!

Jeff Walker has made a living (not to mention a huge impact) teaching business owners how to capitalize on the tactics used by giant companies, without needing their budget, or manpower.

He recently condensed his multi-hour training down into a 20 minute video, so if you’re looking to learn from the launch master, but can’t spare a few hours, try this video!

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The Art of Pre-suasion with Robert Cialdini 

“Clearly, what influence was concerned about what to put into your message… that will move people in your direction. Pre-suasion is about what to put into your message BEFORE you hit send that will make people sympathetic to it before they even encounter it… It is the moment that allows a communicator to create a state of mind in recipients that is aligned with the message they have yet to experience”

Last week Roland Fraiser had the godfather of influence, author Dr. Robert Cialdini, on the Business Lunch Podcast.

Cialidini shared insights, examples, and stories on how to get people prepared for your message from his new book, Pre-suasion. He also shares how to utilize these powerful tactics in an ethical way, and where he thinks we should draw the line.

You really don’t want to miss out on this episode!

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One last thing…

Our executives held their quarterly planning session last week.

So, take that as your friendly reminder that the new quarter is coming up quick!

Are you ready?

See you next week,

– The Scalable Team

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