If you want to profitably scale a business to 8-figures (and beyond), you need a framework that’s proven to work. The “7 Levels of Scale” is that framework, and you can access it now for free…

What Are The 7 Levels of Scale?

My partners and I have been teaching entrepreneurs about growth and scale for over 20 years and the big question everyone asks is, “What do I do first?”

“What’s the order of operations for how I should scale my business?”

The “7 Levels of Scale” framework is our answer to that question.

Level 1

Sell and serve 10 customers.

Level 2

Automate your customer acquisition process using a Growth Flywheel.

Level 3

Upgrade your business operating system.

Level 4

Double your take-home pay.

Level 5

Build your Advisory Board.

Level 6

Expand by acquiring other businesses.

Level 7

Hit your “number” and shift into wealth-building mode.

Why The 7 Levels of Scale Work

It’s the shortest path possible to go from a struggling startup to a high-profit, high-impact, exit-ABLE business that gives you the wealth and freedom you deserve.


With the 7 Levels you don’t need a formal business education or MBA, any entrepreneur can follow the plan!


You’ll build momentum with major wins every step of the way as you move from Level 1 to Level 7.


Our framework has been proven across thousands of businesses in nearly every vertical.

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Level of Scale #1: Sell and serve 10 customers

Before you can scale your business, you must first confirm that you 1) have something people want to buy, and 2) are able to deliver on the promises you’re making. The simplest way to check this box is to sell and serve 10 customers as fast as you can. Not only will this provide some much-needed cash flow, it will also provide the insights, data, and confidence you need to scale to the next level.

And here’s the deal: Getting your first 10 customers isn’t a question of ability, it’s a question of will.

Think about it…if you absolutely had to go out and find 10 customers…if your life or the lives of the people you love truly depended on you making 10 sales…you could do it, right?

Of course, you could!

So don’t worry about HOW you get these first 10 customers. Now is not the time to focus on scalability. Just find 10 people willing to pay you for your product or service, and do everything you can to turn them into successful and raving fans.

Level of Scale #2: Automate your customer acquisition process using a Growth Flywheel

Now that you have confirmed product/market fit (that’s just a fancy way of saying people actually want what you’re selling, by the way)…

…it’s time to shift from one-off sales to predictable, repeatable sales. To do this, you need a “Growth Flywheel.”

The first step to building your Growth Flywheel is to visually map your customer/client acquisition process. (We call this your Growth Engine). You can get as fancy with this as you want to, but we like to keep it simple and use post-it notes and a whiteboard to do our customer journey mapping.

Level of Scale #3: Upgrade your business operating system

At this level, the goal is to transition from a YOU-dependent business into a fully systemized and scale-ABLE business that can run and grow without you.

To upgrade your company’s operating system you must FIRST document the “set of algorithms” that make your business run. Your algorithms are all the playbooks and SOPs…along with the team members responsible for executing them…that are truly critical to the value creation process.

Second, you need to define your company’s “communication architecture.” Your communication architecture includes both the scorecards and dashboards you and your team are looking at, as well as your meeting and announcement cadence.

The third and final step in upgrading your business operating system is to clarify the company’s “desired outputs” so your people and systems are all aligned to a common goal.

Level of Scale #4: Double your take-home pay

Now that sales are growing and the business is running like a well-oiled machine, it’s time to shift the focus to bankable profits, and, specifically, putting more of those profits in YOUR bank account.

That’s right, it’s time for a pay-raise!

Not only have you earned, but if your company is going to scale to the next level, you need to eradicate fear and uncertainty, and one of the best ways to do that is to ensure that your personal, day-to-day needs are taken care of.

We recommend increasing your take-home pay 25% per month until you have either doubled your salary or you are generating enough after-tax income to fund your lifestyle and still set aside at least 10 – 15% for savings and investment.

This may sound selfish, but it’s absolutely the most valuable thing you can do for your business.

And to prove it to you, I want to ask you a question…

Can you honestly say your customer is priority #1 if you’re worried about paying your own bills and putting food on your own table?

Level of Scale #5: Build your advisory board

If there’s one thing funded companies get right, it’s this…
They ALL have Advisory Boards made up of peers and mentors, and if you want to build a truly scalable company, you’ll need to do the same.

Let’s face it, entrepreneurship is lonely.

That’s why you need BOTH mentors to give you fresh ideas and inspiration, and peers to hold you accountable to your goals, commiserate with you on the losses, and celebrate with you on the wins.

But how do you identify the right board members, and how do you compensate them once you’ve found them? The key is to find the right mentor because the right mentor will not only help you build your board, they’ll serve on it as well.

Level of Scale #6: Expand by acquiring another business

All businesses eventually hit a growth ceiling, and that’s why expansion through acquisition is a necessary tool in the scalable entrepreneur’s toolbox.

At The Scalable Company, we focus on acquiring assets and businesses to provide more leads, add talent, increase market share, add new sales, widen profit margins, and amplify total enterprise value.

Level of Scale #7: Hit your "number" and shift into wealth-building mode

You did it! You scaled a business to (at least) 8-figures, and while you certainly don’t have to sell your company, knowing you could makes all the difference.

At this level, you have what every entrepreneur craves: OPTIONALITY!

(…which is a fancy way of saying you can do whatever the heck you want to do.)

You could sell your business…or not sell your business.

You could raise money…or not raise money.

You can completely step out of the day-to-day…or dive back into the nitty-gritty and do only the work you truly love doing.

The choice is yours.

Your entrepreneurial journey is far from over. Now it’s time to pivot from an entrepreneurial operator into an entrepreneurial INVESTOR. It’s time to achieve maximum impact and leave a legacy for those who follow in your footsteps!

Want Some Help "Leveling Up?"

At the Scalable Company, we are on a mission to create 10,000 “Level 7” entrepreneurs (those who have hit their “number” and are building legacy wealth) by 2030.

As part of that mission, we have resources, tools, programs, and mentorships for every step of the way.

If you want some help and guidance to achieve Level 7, here’s how we can help…

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