Help Desk: Resources For Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

A Master List Of Resources To Help You Implement A Winning Acquisition Strategy

Here’s the thing. I’m quite aware that Scalable is not the only place on the internet where entrepreneurs go to find help.

There are plenty of experts out there who create a seemingly endless amount of content to help people like you and me successfully grow their businesses. 

So this week, I’m pooling together a master list of resources and tools that will help you implement the Scaling Customer Acquisition Strategy we’ve been talking about for the last few weeks.

Throughout this series on acquisition I’ve mentioned just how daunting it can be to take the leap to go negative.

Hopefully, this will help make the jump a bit less nerve-wracking.

These resources have influenced my thinking, inspired me to action, and even helped explain concepts that were difficult to pick up at first.

My hope is that by sharing these resources, they will help encourage you to broaden your mindset when it comes to acquisition, and actually take action to improve your outcomes! 


Customer Acquisition Resources

POWERPOINT: This powerpoint presentation from Jay Abraham is a great review of the different ways to add long-term value to your business. 10 points if you can guess what acquisition recommendations he makes…

BOOK: The Customer-Centricity Playbook is THE BOOK when it comes to wrapping your head around CLV and acquisition. You’ll find that this book heavily inspired the strategy we covered in our acquisition series. Bonus: the 1 hour video at the bottom of the page is also chalked full of great insights.

ARTICLE: Short on cash or time, but still want to learn from The Customer-Centricity Playbook? This medium article has got you covered.

ARTICLE: The 80/20 Rule of Sales is a super simple overview article of the 80/20 rule, written by Perry Marshall. In it, Perry shows you how to take advantage of this rule to help identify and improve on your target market.

BOOK: Vinnie Fisher’s book “False Profits” paints a great picture of the transition from short term to long-term profit planning. 

PODCAST: This episode of Business Lunch featuring Paul Lemberg is a great resource for understanding the role your back end offers have in your overall profitability. 

VIDEO: Still a little lost when it comes to CLV? Dr. Scott Davis breaks it down for you in this YouTube video.

ARTICLE: What about ROI ratios? Unsure why we chose 5:1 for the idea ratio of CLV:CAC? This article from WebStrategies will help clear up any confusion.

ARTICLE: Maybe you’re looking for more info on what to include in your CAC? Here’s a resource for that as well.

And finally, don’t forget to check out the full series on The Scaling Customer Acquisition Strategy:

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