Discover the Key to Hiring Top Talent You’ll Love Working With: Introducing the Founder First Hiring Scorecard!

With The Founder First Hiring Scorecard, You'll…

The Founder First Hiring Scorecard is the easiest and most effective way to make strong hiring decisions.

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When you download the Founder First Hiring Scorecard today, we’ll also send you a full 60-minute training for free! Scalable Co-Founder, Richard Lindner, will walk you step-by-step through how to get the most out of the scorecard and ensure you hire people that make your life easier, not more difficult!

Normally, this training would cost $295, but we want to ensure your success so consider it our gift to you!

Here's what some of our clients have to say...

Kimberly Holmes


“We are on track to do top to bottom growth over the next three years! I am 100% certain we will hit our goals and many of the paths we will take to hit our goals are from things I have specifically learned from Founders Board.”

Kay Francis

CMO, Francis Plumbing

“Growth last year was 218% over the previous year and we are breaking all kinds of sales records, but more importantly, we are making serious profit! Our biggest growth has been a direct reflection of the strategies and OS put in place as a result of Founders Board.”

Josh Tayor

Founder & CEO, Product EVO

“Last October, I set a goal to move my family to Costa Rica for 2 months. Setting this goal and then actually being able to leave my business was one of the greatest things I could have ever done. On top of that, we just broke our old Q2 and YTD revenue record while I’ve been out of the office!”

Hey, I’m Ryan Deiss, serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder of The Scalable Company, and an investor in 48 companies like DigitalMarketer, EPIC Network, and Big Block Realty. I’ve started and scaled 17 companies and successfully exited four of my companies.

After years of frustration making hiring mistakes, we created the Founder First Hiring Scorecard for our internal portfolio. After seeing how much it helped, we turned it into a template we can share! It will help you build a strong, motivated team, that enhances your business’s success and stability over time.

Click the button below and download the free resource now.

Scott Bell

President, Aries711 LLC

“It doesn’t matter the size of your organization… I’ve seen small companies, big companies go, I have an ‘aha’ moment.”

Amara Omoregie

President, amaraREPS

“Founders Board helped me to hire exactly what I needed, which led to way better results. It saved me $80k this quarter alone!”

James Bullis

President, Ventin Web Solutions

“I’m not shackled to my desk, making sure the whole business is running. I can focus on working on my business instead of in it.”

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