Founder Types in Action

Read on to see how the Founder Type Matrix applies to real-life small business founders.

After careful consideration of thousands of business owners, we’ve come up with a Founder-Type Matrix that features four key roles: The Inventor, The Driver, The Manager, and The Guide. Each of these can be applied to a framework that shows their aptitude for vision and strategy, operations and tactics, and their effectiveness from the early stages of business growth to later stages.

Fortunately, Ryan Deiss figured this all out for you and you can dive into the details here. The important action you need to take is figuring out what kind of founder you are, and how that realization could enhance or detract from your business’s current stage.

While definitions and step by step procedures are all well and good, sometimes you need some real world examples to show you what these founder types look like in the real world. With that in mind, we interviewed several successful business owners to determine where they fall on The Founder-Type Matrix, and how their type may have influenced their business development.

While it’s always fun to analyze billion-dollar businesses and their high-profile executives, it’s usually more effective to examine local, million-dollar businesses that are in various stages of the scaling process. Here, we examine a few that are growing and the business owners that are making it happen.

Joedy Cotton, Aaron Glass, & Cullen Loeffler | Centex Sourcing


FOUNDER TYPES: The Guide, The Driver, The Manager

Lane Murphy | Relevant 24

BUSINESS PHASE: The Scalable Zone/Business Sold


Julie Crawford | Vintage Soul



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